Чау-Чау щенки


Чау-Чау имеет внушительный характер благодаря его ревущему лаю и хмурому выражению. Они появились в Китае и использовались для охоты на всех от фазана до волка, были поручены охранять лодки и ... Читать далее

Activity Requirements

Chows are large, but only need moderate exercise to maintain health. They are most active in the winter months, and their thick coats can make them irritable in the summer. Several walks a day with an occasional run in the yard or park will meet their... read more 


Training a Chow takes an experienced leader and is not for the first-time dog owner. Chows are dominant dogs, and will require a trainer prove their leadership before taking direction. They do not like to be told what to do, and forcing a Chow with ... read more 

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Галлерея щенков

Чау-Чау фото галерея щенков.